Keep Calm & Promote on YouTube, Vimeo and Vine: How to Choose the Best Platform for Your Videos

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The promotion on YouTube, Vine or Vimeo is pretty much alike: you should download great content and put efforts to get many views and followers. However, the ignorance of specific features of these services can lead to a complete failure. Let’s compare these video sharing platforms to make the relevant choice for successful promotion!

Entertaining World of YouTube

YouTube is the most popular video hosting company, owned by Google. This service has great opportunities for promotion and the content of all kinds, which makes it a universal all-purpose platform.

YouTube offers:

  • wide opportunities for editing and downloading the content of any length and quality;
  • an option to monetize the channel and get additional income trough advertising;
  • numerous lists of trending videos, popular channels and recommended content;
  • the largest audience among similar services, which makes it the best platform for viral videos:
  • a great start for beginners, as the service is tolerant to amateur videos.

There are many specific services, like, which can help beginners to get views, followers and feedback. It is the perfect decision, when you have to confront a huge competition of popular channels and attract the attention of multi million audience.

Professional Community of Vimeo

Vimeo is a popular video hosting, which has earned the third position among multimedia websites in 2017. This video-sharing service has been the first one to support high-definition videos, and continues to make the quality its main priority.

Many people compare this platform to YouTube, forgetting of:

  • Sophisticated community, which appreciate decent content and gives professional advice;
  • Categorization for content makes Vimeo the best place for specific topics;
  • Less aggressive advertising, in comparison to similar services;
  • Free accounts and premium packages with extra options;
  • Better quality of downloaded content.

Promotion on Vimeo is tougher, than on similar services. Its users are hard to impress, as they get used to great quality and deep content. Get ready, that at the beginning you might have to buy vimeo views to draw the users’ attention.

6 Seconds of Fun with Vine

Vine is a mobile application, which allows creating and sharing short videos. The app is owned by Twitter, so its users can add friends from this social media. At first it has been available for iOS only, but now Android and Windows Phone users can appreciate it as well.

The specific features of Vine are the following:

  • The content is created with the help of application with an option to share it on Twitter and Facebook;
  • The users can watch and “revine” popular videos both of their friends and complete strangers;
  • there are curated channels, which include themed areas, popular topics and users;
  • there is Vine Kids, an app, developed for children only.

The duration of 6 seconds makes Vine specific app: usually it is used for short comedy, video editing, stop motion animations, demonstration of different products and personal videos about everyday life.

If you want to become a top Vine user, your vines should be extremely popular. The best choice is to buy real vine followers, who are interested in your content.

As a creator of great videos, you don’t have to chose only one platform. Still, it is important to understand the difference between these services to chose the best one for your content and its promotion.

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